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Overdose from Xanax Abuse

Currently, in the United States, disorders resulting from abuse of substances are at an all time high, especially among teenagers. To a great extent this can be attributed to the availability of over-the-counter medications which are used outside of their intended context. Teens are the largest group affected when it comes to matters relating to the misuse of Xanax.

Government researchers have estimated that an average of 8.3% of the entire teen population from 12 years and above use standard medications incorrectly to elicit mental highs. There are several brands of these prescription drugs but, the one most abused is Xanax. Despite their recommended legal use, as well as easy availability these substances are very dangerous when consumed for purposes other than for what they were initially intended.

Xanax is medically prescribed to bring relief for anxiety, stress, and mild depression. However when consumed out of proper context Xanax can lead to severe body stress.

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Sleep loss
  • Mental exhaustion
  • Among other conditions

Nevertheless there are some abusers who become addicts without them even knowing that this has happened.

Overdose from Xanax Abuse

This occurs during appropriate medication, the body is unable to adjust to the correct dosage as needed. Consequently the addict feels as if their body can’t function without having a certain dosage amount each day. In such cases, the addiction to Xanax usually occurs when the user doesn’t follow instructions which were provided during the prescribing process.

Heavy Xanax abusers can experience quite excruciating and very treacherous withdrawal symptoms that may include: elevated anxiety, seizures and repetitive tremors. If one has an excessive overdose it can lead to a ‘blackout’ and in some cases it can result in coma or, even death.

When taken orally or pounded and rolled into a coil for purposes of smoking, this drug can lead to grave infections, especially when the chemical comes into contact with blood within your body. Howeover heart disease, coronary clogging, and numerous kinds of cancer, may affect the user.

Prescription medication abuse may vary from simple stimulants and depressives to more intense opiates as well as sedatives.Xanax is an anti-depressant drug that can lead to mental confusion and bouts of addiction when taken out of its proper context. A patient can have a physical dependency for Xanax to an extent that he or she would not be in any condition to carry on with daily routine chores without first taking a dose of Xanax.

Despite the false belief that these prescription drugs are much safer than the notorious street drugs, there are several thousand individuals who actually perish from abuse of these drugs every year.

In some cases, prescription medications can be potentially dangerous if consumed by children under a given age. This is mainly because their bodies are not able to adjust to the new chemical predispositions that are contained in Xanax.

The current upsurge of internet drug sales has made this drug more available for convenient sale and at cut-rate costs, there for making it more available within the United States.

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About Xanax Abuse 800-303-2482

About Xanax Abuse

Xanax is a schedule four drug that is used for the treatment of anxiety disorders and mild panic attacks. The schedule classification is a method for categorizing prescription drugs depending on their inherent potential to be abused. A schedule five drug has the least potential for abuse, while a schedule one drug has the greatest potential.

The schedule classification is for drugs with a potential for abuse, and have been accepted to be used in the USA. Xanax, which can only be prescribed by a physician, gives very quick relief to the user.

The drug which has mostly been used as a tranquilizer since the 1960 has continually declined in use among most hospitals in the country due to its addictive nature. Xanax is the most controversial when it comes to psychotic drug prescriptions. Xanax works by slowing down the brains activities, allowing the user to relax.

Although it is not widely abused, Xanax has an infinite potential for recreational use. It is estimated that up to 4.5 million people have used psychotic prescription drugs on an abuse capacity. Xanax drugs are easy to purchase on the internet and are most commonly used by youth as a party drug.

About Xanax Abuse

The drug gives the users a short burst of buzz. When used in small amounts, the drug gives a calm feeling but when Xanax is abused it can give a feeling of euphoria. An abuser of Xanax can use one pill a day; abusers however can use more than five pills a day or more.

It is a very short progress to go from an abuser to an addict. When the users increase the intake of the drug, it is harder for them to capture each individual buzz from the drug. This will lead most of them to take in more and more of the pills.

As an abused drug, Xanax is used in the form of a pill or may be dissolved in water and injected into the blood system using syringes. The drug does not dissolve easily in the water and most people prefer dissolving in alcohol. Xanax is particularly dangerous when used with other drugs and especially alcohol, this is however not very well known.

Xanax, when used with alcohol, may lead to fatalities as it reacts with it to produce an overdose. The drug may also be snorted although this is an effective method because the drugs will not easily pass through the nasal cavity.

When the drugs are used as they should be, it is more unlikely for a person to get addicted to them. Most abusers of other recreational drugs use Xanax to calm themselves after a bout of intoxication and euphoria. It helps the abuser to relieve panic caused by other drugs. The abusers also use it to promote sleep in the period following use of other drugs. The drug also accentuates the relaxing effect in users of other recreational drug.

Xanax abuse accounts for about 35% of all drug related emergencies in the country. People who are most likely to fall into Xanax abuse are those who are mentally unstable and those who have a history with alcoholism or other drug related addictions. It is fairly difficult to come off drugs and it is therefore important that when prescribed, the users take care not to get addicted.

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